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Our focus, predictive maintenance solutions, has an application in, virtually, all industries. Our client base represents a wide range of industry including pulp and paper, petrochemical, printing, food processing, injection molding, automotive, wire drawing, refrigeration,utilities, and rendering.

Typical equipment monitored would be air compressors, ammonia compressors, CO2 compressors, pumps, fans, hydraulic pumps, motors, gearboxes, screens, etc. (if it turns on a shaft, we can monitor that piece of equipment) Our diagnostic technologies identify many defects that could negatively impact production. Some of these faults include rotor imbalance, electrical faults, lubricant contamination, improper lubrication, air leaks, loose rotor bars in the motor, mechanical looseness, bearing defects, some electrical problems in the motor, misalignment, worn gears, broken gear teeth, and mounting problems.

As you can see, predictive maintenance has an application for most industries. Equipment deemed critical to an operation requires more than preventative maintenance measures. Vibration Analysis,Thermography, Oil Analysis and Ultrasound provide an additional proactive measure. Preventative Maintenance coupled with predictive maintenance can greatly enhance productivity, and reduce labor and equipment costs.

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