Vibration Analysis Enhances Maintenance and Reliability

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Vibration analysis is one of the most commonly used technologies to augment maintenance and reliability measures for rotating equipment. Analysts employ advanced equipment, technology, and software to monitor the condition of mechanical devices. Through this process, it is possible to determine the integrity of the equipment and take the appropriate preventative measures. As a result, facility operators can reduce the chances of a critical failure while extending the monitored equipment’s life cycle.

Applications of Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis has a broad scope of use. Motors, gearboxes, agitators, ammonia compressors, air compressors, pumps, fans, blowers, bearings, grinders, hammer mills, presses, extruders, and similar machinery are candidates for inspection. If it “turns on a shaft,” then there is a good chance that your piece of equipment will benefit from this proactive maintenance procedure.

The Value of Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis saves time, money, and labor. Routine inspections provide the information to determine whether parts need replacement or if the entire assembly needs service. Here are a few ways that analysis can save you more resources over time:

Reduced Equipment Costs

The results of an inspection can determine if specific parts of the equipment require replacement. Replacing the parts of a machine before a critical failure occurs is less expensive than replacing an entire unit. Proactive measures will allow you to stay within budget while improving equipment reliability.

Reduced Labor Costs

Repairs due to a critical failure will require more resources, which increases labor costs. Component replacement shortens repair times. Vibration analysis identifies parts that can be replaced, thereby reducing the likelihood of “critical callouts.”

Reduces Lost Production Time

Critical failures cause unscheduled downtime, which means your teams are not producing and are falling behind schedule. The loss of productivity can cost you thousands of dollars per hour. Vibration analysis reports can help you schedule appropriate repairs, allowing your facility to operate as smoothly as possible.

Adding vibration analysis to your maintenance program protects your equipment while reducing labor costs and downtime. Request a consultation for analysis and to learn more about our services.

Cost-Benefit Chart of Vibration Analysis

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