predictive maintenance solutions


The utilization of ultrasound technology as of one of the pillars of predictive maintenance can be implemented in a broad array of industrial applications. Ultrasound can identify sound that occurs out of the range of human hearing. Ultrasound instrumentation captures frequencies in a range of 20 to 100 kilohertz. The intensity of the sound levels is quantified by decibel level measurements. Turbulence, friction, and escaping gas typically operate above human hearing levels. Utilizing ultrasound technology allows the user the ability to detect many faults including compressed air leak detection, steam trap faults, electrical faults such as corona and potential arc flash hazards, cavitation, etc.


Several practical applications of ultrasound utilization can be taken advantage of in today’s modern industrial workplace. These applications can save a facility significant amounts of time and money if properly utilized.


Leak detection covers a wide variety of applications. These leak detections can be executed for plant safety reasons, plant efficiency improvement, environmental audit purposes, or as a cost reduction by reducing wasted capacity. The versatility of ultrasound leak detection allows for multiple types of leaks to be identified and reduced. Pressurized or vacuumed systems can be effectively inspected. Steam leaks and compressed air leak surveys are the most common types of leak detections that are performed in most facilities.

COMPRESSED AIR LEAKS – Compressed air leaks can account for 20 to 40 percent of a facilities compressed air consumption. An ultrasonic inspection is a very effective way to identify and reduce air leaks. There are also other benefits to executing an air loss survey.

  • Electricity savings by operating more efficiently
  • Reduction of plant noise levels
  • Increase in compressed air capacity
  • Reduction of servicing compressors
  • Significant plant savings of money

STEAM TRAP INSPECTIONS – Steam is a very costly utility expense. Faulty or leaking steam traps waste energy and can cause significant internal system damage if left unchecked. Tons of steam are lost every year at manufacturing facilities due to faulty or leaking steam traps. Ultrasonic testing will identify these leaks or faults.


Prior to thermographic scans being performed on electrical equipment such as switchgears, disconnects, cabinets, and panels, the utilization of ultrasound is recommended. An ultrasonic inspection can identify potentially unsafe conditions. Tracking, corona, and potential arc flash hazards can be identified prior to maintenance personnel opening electrical cabinets, gears, etc. A reduction of potential human risk or injury can be realized by utilizing ultrasonic testing just prior to opening electrical equipment for thermographic inspection.

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