Ultrasound Leak Detection That Provides Accurate Readings

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An industrial operation relies on the functionality of various equipment and machinery. One problem can adversely affect overall production and time management. Unfortunately, a facility’s extensive and complicated infrastructure design can make isolating an issue difficult. Defective equipment, pipes, and machinery does not always include visible damage. For example, leaks can sometimes be so small that they go undetected by the naked eye.

Machine Diagnostics offers ultrasound leak detection. We rely on state-of-the-art technology to conduct steam leak surveys and find issues. In addition to compressed air leaks, Ultrasound gives us the ability to identify damage caused by friction and turbulence. You also prevent expensive energy bills due to inefficient steam traps by allowing us to do ultrasound testing. Because compressed air leaks are noisy, you can reduce noise levels and provide your employees with a comfortable work environment.

Learn the condition and effectiveness of your facility’s electrical equipment with our assistance. We can also offer electrical scans for panels, switchgear, and more. The testing we conduct accurately assesses electrical infrastructure and alerts us to any safety concerns. We give you confidence in the safety and functionality of your electric-powered machinery. Reach out to us for a consultation about your specific needs.

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