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The utilization of thermographic imaging is the process of converting emitted heat into a visible dynamic. Everything has an infrared signature. By utilizing infrared scans, several benefits can be realized by plants and facilities. Contact us today to learn about our predictive maintenance solutions!


Typically, thermographic scans of electrical equipment like switchgears, transformers, breaker panels, cabinets, equipment disconnects, etc are performed for one of three main reasons. Firstly, an annual thermographic scan is required to satisfy insurance requirements. Secondly, a scan is performed because a component is suspected of being faulty, or thirdly, an infrared scan is implemented as a predictive maintenance tool that can significantly reduced energy costs while creating a safer working environment. Typically, some of the types of electrical faults that can be identified are poor connections, short circuits, overloads, faulty or mismatched components, or load imbalances. There are numerous advantages to executing thermogrpahic scans.

  • Satisfy insurance requirements
  • Identify dangerous or hazardous equipment
  • Prevent premature failure of electrical equipment
  • Reduce unscheduled power outages
  • Locate electrical issues without interrupting production


The use of thermographic scans on mechanical equipment can be very beneficial. Significant dollars can be saved by utilizing infrared scans on rotating equipment, piping, roofs, etc. Many times, these scans are used in conjunction with other predictive maintenance technologies such as vibration analysis or ultrasonic testing. A thermographic scan can be used as a confirming indicator of an equipment condition fault identified by vibration analysis or some other predictive maintenance platform. An infrared scan could also identify equipment that should be inspected with other predictive maintenance tools due to elevated temperature readings. There are several benefits to utilizing thermographic scans on mechanical equipment.

  • These infrared scans can identify new faults not previous identified by other predictive maintenance technologies due to location or application
  • These infrared scans can be used as a confirming indicator of faults identified by other predictive maintenance platforms
  • Saving energy

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